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RTBTCKI To Sleep Perchance to Dream

I haven’t been exactly secret that recently sleep has been elusive for me. Until recently any stay up was because I wanted to not because I couldn’t fall asleep. Insomnia was an occasional problem not a regular one. I seem to be falling into a pattern of two nights of bad sleep or next to no sleep and then one good night and then it starts over. It is rather stressful in its own right.

I have been reading up on the subject only to find that women have more trouble falling and staying asleep then men and it only gets worse when we get older. Great, something else to look forward to.

We say that getting old certainly beats the alternative and I agree whole heartedly. But there are times I wish I could go back and tell my younger self the consequences of what I was doing to my body at the time, or not doing depending, would be severe.

So this maybe the lack of sleep talking or I am just in a bad patch right now and given the time of year it could very well be a revisit of SAD because it has been rather gloomy the past month with very little sunshine.

Motivation has been necessity more than anything else. But at least I am getting things done. I have been writing down what I am doing in a day just to prove to myself that I am getting things done. Like yesterday, I got the kitchen cleaned up, the laundry done, and unpacked from our weekend in Connecticut. Today I plan to clean up the living room and get rid of the recycling that is picked up today and get those clean clothes into the rooms rather than in the basement. I also have some packages to pack up and some letters to mail. Let’s see how much can get done today.

I am trying not to think about Farpoint in about two weeks but I am going to have to. I have some puppets I want to finish for that. I might make another Capaldi Doctor puppet.

Inky and Fig are sticking near me today. I have Fig at my hip and Inky has her head on my shoulder as she is on the couch cushion behind my head. I know she is asleep even though I am typing because she is drooling slightly which she has always done. I am going to have a damp spot on my shirt when she moves her head. But it is comforting.

I have a new book I am reading that came back into print “A Study in Celluloid” by Michael Cox who was one of the producers on the Granada Sherlock Holmes. It is about the making of the series and a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. Parts of it are painful to read because of what happened later but I am learning a lot about the making of the show.

The NFL season ends this weekend with the Superbowl. I grew up in Atlanta and watched the Falcons when they were one of the worst teams in the league. I took a friend, who had never been to a football game, to see the Colts vs. Falcons game where the Colts were a game away from having the worst recorded ever in the NFL. The Falcons were a hot mess at the time and the Colts won the game breaking their very long losing streak short of being the worst ever. They just tied for the worst. So I am cheering for the Falcons, which has previously been a bad thing for the previous teams I have declared I am cheering for but I cannot cheer for the Pats. Sorry, that team irks me in so many ways.

Baseball will be starting soon. Or rather the pre-season where every team has a chance at winning it all. Since the Cubbies went all the way, there are no teams that are cursed anymore according to baseball lore.

I consider Farpoint the beginning of our convention season. We tend to keep December and January free from conventions although this year was a little different.

I am grateful for anything that gets done right now.